So i got LSDJ down to a T, and I'm having fun creating little tunes. But they are just that, little tunes. I find it difficult to understand when or how I should transpose phrases, nevermind how I compose a real 'song' from end to finish.

Do you know of tutorials on how to use a tracker effectively to that end? Thank you!

It sounds like what you really want to learn is some music theory. Thankfully your pal Tuberz McGee has a series of tutorials over at the chipwin blog. They may even include tracker specific content! Here is a link to the first one: … -intervals

Thanks a lot, that's very useful!

I always found Roboctopus' LSDJ & You series a great introduction to useful composition techniques:

This post had some good drum kit stuff and nice further reading recommendations as well:

I think you will succeed, write on