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i know there is VGM Music Maker, but it is not for Saturn, only for Genesis emulation so maybe it is a way to import it, but i really dont know differences, it is small file so i guess it use only FM synthesis and no samples. I am very familiar with FM synthesis and i dont expect unbelievable results from Yamaha's YM chips, because it is practically derived from mainstream Yamaha FM synths such as DX7.

On SY99 was FM synthesis most advanced because you can change operators from sine to other waveforms or samples, FS1r added formant shaping, but generally basic raw sound is practically similar to DX7. I have had desktop synth DX200 which had filters, realtime envelopes or ability to change algorithms in real time, but i never used it in my production, dont know why, my friends told me always when i used FM synthesis "it sounds dated". Perhaps today is most powerful my lovely brand Kurzweil, because PC3 series which i support almost 10 years offer 32-layer deep programs with custom routing, so when is used FM algorithms/blocks, it can do pretty amazing things smile Sorry for OT smile

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VGM Music Maker is for Megadrive. And yes there is PCM sample channel + FM channels + PSG channels. So it is robust music chip YM2612.
Yamaha OPL3 was pretty advanced - YMF262...

So I am pretty sure that SEGA SATURN can sound like todays FM VSTis.
Or oldschool synths...


nice topic, anybody would be motivated with this project ? … -fm.24134/

i progress slowly smile