I'm Sebastian aka zapposh, indie dev from, and have been making games on and off since 1982.

Here are some clips of recent works in progress:
Plutonium Pirates:
Bobby Bombastic:

I recently (well, last year, but time flies) finished a collaboration with a forum member and am delighted with the result: Sigi:

This time I would need something very different: it is about Bobby Bombastic.


Bobby Bombastic was initially very much inspired from the 1984 Activision classic H.E.R.O., where the player saves lost miners in a vast complex of caves.

Until now, I was going for NO music at all, besides the odd jingle here and there and background sound, to really convey an atmosphere of depth, dampness and loneliness in the caves. But in hindsight, something is missing. Something underlining the exotic exploration character of the game.

Furthermore, the game now also takes place in the jungle, volcanoes and temple ruins, not just caves (check out the screenshots). So simple cavern winds and dripping water won't work anymore.

After play-testing dozens of clips, here's what I'm looking for:
- only "exotic" tunes and instruments that transport the player to another world
- things like Peruvian flutes, tam-tam instead of classic percussion, think Caribbean meets Mayan temple/jungle
- convey exploration, lots of depth, and a little mystery and sometimes moments of suspense
- positive, after all it is a (fun) game
- not too dominant: it sets the tone of the game, without imposing itself on the player
- 16-bit(ish) console yet full/rich sound (it is a retro game after all)

I know this sets the bar pretty high, but what is a close fit are some of the SNES Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2 songs, which very much convey the above.
You can check out a shortlist I compiled here: … cJAPTc5ysE

For now, at least, I will be needing a quote for:
- 5 songs, loopable, with stingers/endings that can be triggered upon player death, level end etc., between 1-2 minutes in length each.
- 3 jingles (level cleared, mission failed, bonus/secret found)

Optional: Perhaps a short song cycle for the world map, a bonus level song or other tracks (boss fight), depending on pricing, timeframe or conditions.

For vloggers and streamers to be able to freely stream gameplay videos, trailers etc, I will be requiring full and WW exclusive rights to the final music tracks for all console-, handheld- and computer-systems and internet platforms.

I would need rough pieces within the next 3-4 weeks, for integration and play-testing. Final pieces for mid-October very latest.

If you are available and capable of producing work of the aforementioned quality and artistic direction, and would fancy collaborating on the project, I would be very happy to hear from you (quote, thoughts, feedback, portfolio).

Last but not least, this is professional work, and local tax authorities require such jobs to be properly invoiced. No under the radar paypal "donations".

I will be reviewing applications for about a week: [email protected]

Many thanks for your time and interest,
Sebastian -

Chicago IL

Oh man I just clicked on the youtube vid with out looking at the name and I was like "oh damn, that's my music!"

Just wanted to say that Sebastian is very easy to work with and pays artists in a timely fashion


Likewise, it was great fun working with Nigel. Easy going and most importantly, he is super talented and totally nailed it. If any IndieDevs out there need some wicked chiptunes and are reading this, I highly recommend working with Saskrotch.


unrelated, but i highly recommend taking road-trips with Saskrotch. only caveat is that at some point he will almost definitely make you laugh so hard without any warning that you nearly crash

Tacoma WA
e.s.c. wrote:

unrelated, but i highly recommend taking road-trips with Saskrotch. only caveat is that at some point he will almost definitely make you laugh so hard without any warning that you nearly crash

he's also amazing to have crash at your house