Hi. Does anyone tried 32k cartridges from @catskull store with Transferer 2? It is the only flasher I have right now.

Otherwise, which flasher do you use? I saw that @bennvenn joey-joebag is very updated and cool! But I want to be sure about this before I spend my money on it.

I use the bennvenn flasher. I also have a Reiner zeigler flasher from jrodrigo (https://www.tindie.com/products/JRodrig … r-gameboy/) and that works too. I'm also really excited about this one from inside gadgets: https://shop.insidegadgets.com/product/gbxcart-rw/

Well, in case I need to buy one because Transferer 2 does not work, I think that bennvenn joey-joebag fits better my needs because the number of cards it suppports, the pythonic code and the multiplatform support (I think that is the only one with Mac OS X support, because of Python).

But as I said, I would like to know if anyone tested the cartridge with the Transferer.

Just got myself inside gadgets flasher, seems to support 32k catskull cart. As does Joey, as i wrote support for it with help from bennvenn big_smile
Inside gadgets flasher should work on OSX and Linux too, but seems that GUI is only done for Windows.
To make the serial chip they've chosen to work on OSX, you need to replace USB kext for another one. Something i'm not willing to do on my work machine.

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I guess I already have the driver kext for the CH340 on my machines then, that serial chip is everywhere!

If you ever used Arduino clone with CH340 then you probably installed it earlier on. Had it installed on my previous machine, but since i upgraded laptop and use latest OSX don't want to push my luck with replacing kext on non supported os big_smile
It will block your keyboard and mousepad on macbook if it goes wrong, as they are usb devices too.
https://github.com/MPParsley/ch340g-ch3 … s-x-driver