Hi all , I am new here to this forum but making music for ove 2 decades ...with nord modular , reaktor ,yamaha tg88 , samplers ...and most recently nanoloop 2.8
Anyway , I just received the nice looking white cartridge ...but I think there is a problem with the noise oscilator .

When inserting ( l,r, w )notes , we can switch between chord mode (wave mode) and arpergio ( l r channels)  with the start button .
BUt when I insert noise triggers , sometimes the arp mode  is displayed  and sometimes not , doesn't matter if I press start or not .
It seems verry random .
Anybody knows how this works ?



Holy shit, nearly had a heart attack when I saw that thread title.. I thought oliver had finally made a version of nanoloop for DS tongue

Anyway.. the noise channel issue you described has been around for a few versions, I think. I believe the only way to get it to work correctly is to copy and paste a note from another channel, which sounds like what you may be doing unintentionally.