Hi all,

Forgive me if I am unclear at all as I am fairly new to chiptune and I'm trying it out for a project I'm working on. My current setup is as follows:

-USB MIDI keyboard (Novation Launchkey) is connected to my laptop
-Teensboy is connected to my laptop (via a different USB port, obviously)
-GBC is connected to the Teensyboy
-DAW is Studio One
-GBC software is mGB

My current issue is that I just can't get any sound to come out of the GBC. At one point I was able to successfully see that the Teensyboy was receiving messages from the keyboard after trying a few different configurations in Studio One's settings, but no sound came out still. I'm not sure if this is possibly something to do with Studio One's settings not being properly adjusted or if it's a cable/hardware problem. I've already tried scouring the internet for more help but there's not much about actually configuring your DAW to work with the Teensyboy. Any tips or advice are greatly appreciated! Please let me know if I need to provide more information.


Couple general debugging steps:
- Is the teensyboy in mgb mode? You change modes by pressing the little silver button near the edge until the light labelled "mgb" flashes.

- Which link cable are you using? Is it the green one you got from me?

- Are you sending midi data on channel 1-4? The green light flashes on any midi data, but mgb won't respond to it. The one of the red lights will flash if you're sending data on the right channels.

Also check out this video for setup info: