wanted to do a quick check to see who might be interested in a piggy tracker MIDI compilation. tracks wouldn't need to be MIDI-only, just feature at least one prominent MIDI device in the track. similar to the hexawe compos, project folders would be submitted with the tracks along with a brief description of what the MIDI instruments are (ie: MIDI channel 3 is analog bass synth or MIDI channels 1-5 are mGB, but the more info the better). so who (if anyone) would be down? mostly asking since i rarely hear anything done by other artists taking advantage of piggy's MIDI capabilities
posted in the piggy tracker facebook group too, but since some of you have left there (like bleo, herr_prof, & pulselooper) figured i should post here too
obviously no deadline yet, just guaging interest to see if enough people are into it to move forward, but i guess having it out sometimes in spring sounds like enough time for people to get some really good stuff