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I built a website late last year ( that I thought you all might be interested in. It's meant as a free repository of FM synthesizer patches. The initial emphasis is for the Yamaha DX7, but I'm hoping to add support for YM2612 and OPL2 patches eventually. I've gone to the trouble of de-duplicating a lot of patches that were available in the public domain; altogether, I think this represents one of the biggest collection of unique patches for the DX7 available anywhere.

Currently, has the following features:

* Search for patches by name, author, or source SYSEX patch bank
* Download SYSEX file for each individual patch
* Live patch preview with MIDI keyboard input support (requires Google Chrome or Firefox)
* Transfer patch directly to connected MIDI device (requires Google Chrome or Firefox)
* Saving and searching for favorite patches

Feel free to spread the word and send bug reports, feature requests, or patch bank submissions to [email protected].

Bratislava, Slovakia

2613 pages? This is impressive, i am not very much into FM synthesis, started on Amiga 1200 with non-realtime app FMsynth, later i purchased Yamaha DX200 desktop synth which was pretty impressive, because you can control things as amp/filter envelope, lfo, filters and even change of algorithm in real-time! And i occasionally use NI FM7, Dexed or Sytrus.

Quite funny thing is that, when i used FM sounds in my tracks, my friends or colleagues from vgm industry said that FM patches sounds outdated, so i never used much of them. But now is different situation, because at NAMM was presented OS 4.00 update for Kurzweil Forte, which adds 6-operators FM engine ( … ngine-demo ) so i am mainly interested in those more complex sounds, but which of them are 6-op?

Edit: oh i see informations when i click on the patch, nice!

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Super cool!
It's really nice to have the audio preview and midi transfer. Awesome job. Thanks a lot!


wow, nice!
Support for other chips such as YM2151 would be cool!