Hello guys,

im from germany (sorry for my bad english).
Im new in this Chiptune scene and i dont know where to start.
I have bgb emulator and lsdj on my pc.

Maybe some Pros can help me smile


Hello and welcome! (and don't worry for your english)
I do not know very well LSDJ but here is the manual: … _6_1_5.pdf
I'm pretty sure there is a lot of tutorials, and some youtube videos about using LSDJ.


Hi, and welcome aboard! Since you're working with a computer, you could also try out FamiTracker or download Cakewalk and get the Magical8bit-plugin from YMCK, also for free. I'm not a dan of trackers, so by using Cakewalk (a free DAW), I can get the same results with much more freedom to tweak sounds. I produce Chiptune Techno, so I need to be able to work with each sounds a lot more (EQ, effects, panning, etc.). But then again, it's all a question of preference smile. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask anytime smile.

Bratislava, Slovakia

If you know basics of trackers, you will understand LSDJ very quickly, because it is very well designed. It also have help section right in the app which you can read and understand in no time, maybe only commands section needs to be visited more if you dont use them very often.

Aside of this, there is hundreds of chiptune trackers to choice from, so it is hard to tell what you can use, but in Germany was also pretty big Commodore scene, so why not to download free Vice C64 emulator and some trackers like defMON, later when you make some cash you can also buy real Nintendo Gameboy/Commodore 64, i can guarantee you will enjoy it a lot more than emulators.

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