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Yeah you are now dreaming or in a coma or anything...
The one and only gwEm just released a new major version of MaxYMiser (the first in nearly 6 years) and changed MaxYMiser Live to MaxYMiser High. Why ? Because as you can see on my thread title it is now supporting Hi-Res monitors (like the SM124, SM125 or VGA adaptor for ST/STe) !
But wait there's more...
For people like me who love to abuse the tracker with a lot of digis and then sync it with a sequencer or a drum machine in MIDI, you can now adjust a MIDI latency in the option (so I can now use my STe like which was impossible since the tracker started to scroll nearly 1 second after my electribe).
Here is a little video made by THE MAN to show you the new features of his baby !

Enjoy and Keep it /|\ smile

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Yes! Will try it on my TT wink. Love that HiRes.

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