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I'm excited to be a participant in Groupees' newest Chiptune + Charity campaign, raising money for MyMusicRx, a nonprofit bringing music and music-related games/lessons to children with cancer and other serious illnesses.

We're a little bit past the halfway point of the two-week campaign, during which you can name your price (≥$2.00) to snag an incredible amount of music. This campaign (their 14th) includes releases by Rainbowdragoneyes, Jellica, Shirobon, TRIAC, n00bstar, Zweihänder, Blitz Lunar, and Popskyy — as well as my most recent full-length album, Closed System Blues.

This is a great opportunity to get a ton of great chip albums at an incredible discount, and supporting a great cause at the same time.

PLUS: additional items (for contributors at any level) unlocked at certain fundraising milestones. The first has been hit at $1200, unlocking Blitz Lunar's excellent Blips Lunar release. The next hits at the $2000.00 mark, unlocking n00bstar's Quatre.

BUT WAIT: THERE'S MORE: extra giveaways for the top donors (including CD copies of my album Closed System Blues, a Bit Shifter sticker pack, Jellica cat magnets & sticker pack, and complete digital discographies of TRIAC, Shirobon, and xyce.

JUST UNDER 4 DAYS REMAINING, so act quickly!
Head here for all the action: ▶

$2.00 or more gets you these albums:

Rainbowdragoneyes: The Messenger Original Soundtrack (Disc I: The Past

Jellica: Party Mix

n00bstar: operat0r

TRIAC: Kaiju King

Shirobon: Reject

Blitz Lunar: Blips Lunar

and $4.00 or more gets you these as well:

Blitz Lunar: Anaglyph Tracks

Bit Shifter: Closed System Blues

Zweihänder: Höllental

Rainbowdragoneyes: The Messenger Original Soundtrack (Disc II: The Future

Popskyy: Cruise

London, UK

I'll buy that for $2

Brooklyn NY US

This campaign's been extended another week. Have at it!