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Is it possible to use the keyboard mode to play the WAV channel in LSDJ? I'd love to sequence some drums on my Arturia Beatstep Pro and use a couple of WAV kit's as well. I've only been able to play the PU1 channel, which was somewhat boring and I switched to mGB. Sad thing in mGB is that you don't have those kits or a table for your sounds.


Sorry it only works with the pulse channels, check the manual … _6_8_5.pdf


Well, mGB it is! Thanks for the info

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Don't think that is quite correct - you can play wav channel patches with a MIDI keyboard via Arduinoboy (I assume with a PS2 keyboard too, as it's basically the same thing?)

I've got a tune built on a modification of this patch:
that was all played over MIDI.

You use program change messages to select patches by instrument number,  and wav channel patches definitely play OK - I don't think it matters which channel you set up the blank chain in either IIRC (although the entire thing is a little bit temperamental  to get working - or seems to be for me.)

not sure about Kits though tbh, never tried as it always seemed easier just to sample the hits than play them over MIDI.

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