I/O Chip Music Presents

Saturday, June 29 2019
11 PM

music by

gwEm [UK]
tate gregor [NY]
Storm Blooper [PHL]

visuals by

With 18 years and over two hundred gigs in at least twenty countries, few musicians in the chiptune scene can claim to be more seasoned than gwEm, aka Gareth Morris. Armed with his trademark Flying V guitar and the maxYMiser software he wrote for the Atari ST home computer, his chiptune music showcase an extensive back catalog: drum'n'bass, punk, heavy metal, garage, electro, folk, house, grime, dad rock, happy hardcore and dubstep, all present and correct.

Tate Gregor [NY]
Electronic musician, producer, singer and songwriter from NYC. Music's a fourth-dimensional art-from. We're creatures graced with space and with time...

Storm Blooper
Heavily inspired by disco, Philly's own Storm Blooper slaps down hard grooves and generates addicting melodies everyone can sing along to. (づ◕ ▽◕)づ*:・゚✧

diy destruction
DIY_Destruction. Michael Goodman. Circuit bent NES. Custom Pure Data patches. Corrupted data. Object-oriented programming and hardware-based live visuals.

| electronic music, digital art consumer. analog, NTSC video, composition and solutions for the screen. Delivered to your eyespheres by way of OpenTZT and VDMX.

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