Akron, OH

  1. Fanfare (3:25)

  2. Crystal Castle (3:44)

  3. Mood (4:55)

  4. Los Shambeles (6:37)

  5. Pixel (Mushroom Town) (4:15)

  6. TX.RR (1:32)

  7. Ohio (8:10)

  8. The End (3:14)

  9. Genesis (7:32)

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All music production, recording, mixing, and mastering handled by Missingno.

Artwork by Quaaa_Quaaa

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808-Bit Music consists of a fusion of chiptunes with alternative pop and hip-hop / R&B. As suggested by the title, this album has a heavy presence of 808's throughout, though it also uses chiptune-style synths and samples from classic video game OSTs including Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon R/B/Y/G, and Donkey Kong Country 2.

808-Bit Music was made using Reaper, while the specific chiptune and game-like elements were made using the following VSTs: marc de haar's 'Dream 64' & 'drsid', Kiyoshi Murai's 'FAMISYNTH-II', YMCK's 'magical8bitPlug', and SynthEdit's 'Medusa2'.

I hope this isn't too different from the chiptunes music you all know and love. Enjoy heart