Brooklyn, NY

Hi all, new to the forums, thanks for having me!

I've been working with the SNES emulation VST plugin C700 for a couple of months now and have compiled a number of my notes into an unofficial guide. Given that the official guide is fairly sparse and some of the C700's features are a little non-intuitive, I figured I'd make my notes available for anyone else who was trying to figure out the plugin.

Guide is available here: … XzGwxeR0A/

I'd be interested in any feedback/info from anyone else who's used this plug-in, as well as anyone who's knowledgeable about FIR filters (the online calculators I've found have let me calculate tap coefficients from the filter parameters, but not visa versa, was wondering if there's any way I could map a filter from the coefficient values without having to teach myself MATLAB first.)

Hope you all enjoy!

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