Milwaukee, WI

Chipmusic in Salt Lake City! This is gonna be a good time.

Join Utah’s 8bit musician collective, SLC Chip, for an evening of lo-fi beats as they celebrate the release of toasterpastries new album (EMPTY)! Out now on Catskull Records!


toasterpastries - Veteran of the Utah chip scene and all around great guy takes a victory lap after the triumphant release of (EMPTY)! Tune in for the sweetest, creamiest, and most delectable gameboy jams of this generation.

The Laohu - Party pop shock electro body rock! Synth overlord Lars is cooking up something good... and it smells like people shaking their booty. Put on your party pants!

Chronowolf - Internationally voted as the most handsome wolf alive, Chronowolf will wow you with a virtuoso performance. Get ready for arpeggios, keyboards, and provocative high energy entertainment!

Key Blue - Young college lover boy Keaton is packing sonic heat with his dazzling gameboy and piggy tracker techno. Oscillate your body in time with the sacred vibrations of his beats.

Volt44 - The most succulent and emotional of chip rock! His visceral Schism Tracker jams will rip your heart out, plug it into a machine, and teach you to feel again.

Nikolyst - The freshest of live visuals to accompany the plethora of tunes playing tonight! Prepare to be dazzled with an audiovisual spectacle that will delight not just your ears, but your eyes as well.

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My favorite park was the fact that someone brought their son and allowed him to play Sanoc on the Nintendo. Too bad the tvs kept glitching out, hope he still had a good time!