duckie wrote:

This is brilliant. Thank you for your hard work.

Thanks! I'm happy reading replies like this.

duckie wrote:

Do you ever plan on adding in VRC6 capabilities?

Yes I do. I have plans to add support of additional chips and VRC6 is first candidate to be added. I already have some initial support code in program core. I beleive I can make it, just give me some time smile

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Hello smile
I just uploaded new version of NEStudio:

TL;DW (too long; didn't watch):
1. I fixed few bugs
2. I improved usability
3. I recreated another 4 tracks!

More cool stuff to come wink


It's getting better and better!

Dark_Bit_ wrote:

It's getting better and better!

Yes it is smile


This time I recreated first track of alien 3 with my program! Oh my god, it wasn't easy at all...
I need to stop having fun recreating tracks and start working on functionality.

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Hello, it's me again.
I just released new version of NEStudio. What's new:
- FME-7 sound support
- DMC notes support
- Gimmick track 18 (intro music) recreated as a project
- Muting channels works flawless (finally!)


Hello, everyone smile
And hello to duckie who asked about VRC6 support. Now it is here finally!

I'm happy with platform support. Most important (IMHO) sound extensions are supported - FME-7 & VRC6. Now it is time to work on usability. I'm open for suggestions by the way.

P.S. Dear reader. Please subscribe or leave a comment here or on twitter or on youtube if you have at least small degree of interest. It is important.


Hello! As you can see I didn't stop working on this program smile
So what's new today for revision 1406?

  • Playlist clipboard

  • "Save as" command

  • When you click on pattern item you also choose corresponding instrument in the library

  • When you click on playlist item you also choose corresponding pattern

  • You can delete multiple items by holding right mouse button

  • You can scroll by holding right mouse button

  • You can move selected items with mouse

  • You can cancel the movement of items (and rubber band) by pressing ESC


Hello again smile New version is available (revision 1468).

1. I managed to incorporate another NSF backend ("Disch NSF"). NSF backend is a code used to emulate NES audio and produce sound. Now you can choose between "GME" and "Disch NSF". One big disadvantage of new backend is lack of extension chip support. Maybe i'll add it later.
2. Now you can choose sound format for playback and export. 8bit or 16bit, sampling rate from 8000Hz to 48000Hz, mono or stereo.
3. In case of stereo sound you can set panning for every supported NES channel to make audio more or less wide.


Hello. Another update is here.

Short (< 2 minutes) presentation:

1. Fixed a lot of big and small bugs
2. Added ability to resize pattern elements with the mouse
3. Added ability to draw crosshair in patterns and playlist
4. Added ability to import tracks from NSF files. Seems like it works fine.
5. Added ability to show so called "raw data" i.e. register values. So you can investigate how it works. In case of imported tracks you also can edit any value (and any field of it) of any register.

P.S. I still think this is not even beta but... Maybe you will find it useful anyway?
P.P.S. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Let's make this program useful together.


My plan for next release is primarily a system of user-created instruments. Very very very needed thing, obviously. You have opportunity to influence development of this program with your ideas. Please let me know if you have some smile


HI CatNose!
It's really nice project, really good features is separate channel export and NSF import, nice!
I also have a question: There's very similar one called FamiStudio, and there's great familiarity between NEStudio and FamiStudio.
Is this coincidential? Or was there a cooperation? Or maybe one got inspired by another?
Asking just out of curiousity, I don't want to discourage any passion to music!


This is pure coincidence. Also no cooperation. I started this project back in august of 2018 when I didn't even know about FamiStudio and they probably didn't even exist and I have my own set of ideas about development/interface/features etc. But at this point I think they inspire me with their ideas and implementations at least in some ways.
No discouragement. They are doing much better then me in many ways but still I believe I creating something useful.


Thank you for your response! I think both projects are natural part of progression, responding to needs unsatisfied by Famitracker and it's interface!

I will include link to your project on my NES audio tools list here on Chipmusic, and though personally I'm focusing on hardware/homebrew side, if I ever have any feedback I'll sure contact you!

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Thank you for your interest and including this project in your list, very appreciated.
You are most likely right about progression. I personally just can't use trackers even if I try hard. It just doesn't feels right. However I have big respect for trackers.
Of course feel free to contact in case of any questions or feedback.


Another update is ready. I fixed many bugs and made many improvements (obviously). Also I added ability to control sound with Lua scripts. I think this is let's say the ultimate weapon of sound design and now possibilities are truly endless.

Short video presentation: