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i've recently been getting into circuit bending, and have kept wondering how i would add a stutter switch like some i've seen. Thinking about it kind of made my brain hurt as 13 year olds don't have a lot of those : ) some ideas i have are: 1. maybe just a momentary SPDT  toggle switch, 2. an adjustable LFO that times the button pushes but the delay between pulses are controlled by a potentiometer, 3. maybe just an Arduino nano using the PWM pins with a pot doing the same thing. You also might be able to achieve the 2nd idea by using a 555 timer, which might just be my best bet.

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Two IC's, some resistors and a cap. 4066 analog switch, 4093 schmitt NOR.
I don't know what your audio source looks like, ac/dc coupled, 1-10vpp, etc. You can also use this method to control any buttons you might have in the device you're "bending". There are several unused gates after all. If you do leave the gates unused, make sure to tie the inputs to either vcc or gnd and leave the outputs hanging.
Also worth mentioning that your vcc will effect the speed of the oscillation.

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Seattle WA

so technically i could just throw a pot on the VCC and it would act as a VCO? cause i guess that's what i'm going for, but i would be cool to have it controlled by a potentiometer, so you can make the pulses quicker and such...

i was also wondering if you had a higher res image so i could actually see whats going on?
and where do you find a through hole 4066 switch? cause i don't want to solder a smd one smile

thanks a bunch

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