Is there a way to control the force of midi pitch bends, like if you were to create a portamento for example. I'm trying to create a GBA music hack and in one of the songs there is this portamento section where note C5 is supposed to make a smooth slide down to G3, but when importing this to sappy a two problems arise.

(The first being that the pitch bend range either stops the portamento before reaching G3 or goes past G3).

(The second problem is that when adjusting the pitch bend range to either a higher or lower value determines how much faster and harsher the portamento sounds, basically when the pitch bend range is set to a higher value like c_v-55 it sounds nice and smooth, the only problem being that the portamento plays for like a second before stopping and doesn't come anywhere close to G3 but when setting it to something like this c_v-30 you can here the steps very clearly and it sounds more like a very nasty glissando then a portamento.)

So is there a way that you can control this through sappy, I know its not the hardware cause with deflemask tracker you can create smooth sounding portamento without any problems for the original Gameboy but when creating the same thing on GBA with sappy it just doesn't work for some reason. Now I'm not sure if this is because of sappy or because of mid2agb but any potential answers on how to fix this problem would be great.