Hi there! I hope this is the right forum for my question...

I am new to this community. I like chiptunes and have heard many of them, but it is not my main genre- which is metal.
I like to compose music and am now working on a new song, but when writing it, I found that the melody is almost exact as something I have heard in a chiptune before!

I need to get in touch with the owner of the melody and ask for his kind approval to use this one on my first solo album. No, I am not famous. Black Metal guys are almost never famous big_smile

Please have a listen to this snippet. Maybe I am lucky! … t.mp3?dl=0

Thanks in advance smile

Bratislava, Slovakia

Sounds like Gojira L'enfant sauvage to me


I found the tone. Faster than I expected... … ila0so1bi8