Świdnica, Poland

Anyone using LSDJ on (other than DMG) handhelds here? I need some advice.
Best form for composing in LSDJ is (ergonomy of using buttons and the sound emulation accuracy)?

This is what i currently have:

  • PSP (with MasterBoy emulator)

  • PSP (with RIN emulator)

  • NDSi (with Lameboy emulator)

  • N3DS (i think it's not, due to positions of START/SELECT buttons)

And yes, I KNOW the best way is using original DMG. Unfortunately, it just broke and I need to fix it.

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Bratislava, Slovakia

I have Bittboy, emulation is good but i am not using it, i also tried LSDj on my phone Motorola G7 Plus and on iPad (common emulators), i can work almost as fast as on real DMG. But now i dont use LSDj so much, i am waiting for release of new tracker by autors of Sid tracker 64 on iPad, it looks like Gameboy tracker.