I'm trying to understand mGB presets and I read the github readme, the issue is I'm have weird results when trying to load what I think are saved presets.

I'm using a Everdrive X3 and the latest file from the github repo.

When I select + B to save a single channel or B to load a single channel, it sometime changes stuff on other channels as well. And if I reboot the cart, it doesn't seem to have saved the preset at all.

any help would be really appreciated.

Edit: It doesn't seem to be saving an srm anywhere. So I guess I'm at a loss as to why this doesn't save presets on a power cycle?

Edit: It seems that the loading of presets effecting other channels is a bug in the latest release of the rom file. If you hit B on ch1 it will knock the octave of the wav channel down two octaves as a default. There's also an issue where if you set ch1 to sustain and save it, then try to turn off sustain, it won't turn off and instead is cycles the width numbers above it. Older versions don't seem to do any of this. However, no versions seem to actually save the presets for later use... is this the case? Are presets stored in ram and dumped after turning off? If that's the case, that seems incredibly useless.

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So can anyone answer this, does mGB actually create a save file for them? I just went and tested on bgb thinking maybe it was my flash cart and it didn't save the preset there either. Has anyone actually ever gotten mGB to successfully save a preset for future use?