Back in 2016 I paid for an album called "Sand and Sea" by someone called "Mystic Blare"

I have the download link from Bandcamp but when I go there it seems he/she has deleted their account.

I was a very nice, relaxing album that really sounded like being on a beach and I would very much like to find it.

Sadly, all I can find in relation to Mystic Blare is My Little Pony fan art and Kyle Smith, the man behind Daydream Anatomy, who
made remixes of some of Mystic Blare's other songs.

If anyone remembers this album/artist or has a way to contact any of the mentioned parties about the album/artist
I would really appreciate it.


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For anyone else who may go looking, I found the artist after some tiresome digging on wayback machine and reached out to him personally over facebook.

Unfortunately, he didn't keep any backups of the music. I was also unable to find any drives I may have kept the music on.

Unless we get pretty lucky and someone eventually turns up with a copy of the album, I fear it is lost to time. In just 5 years too...

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I am not detective, but as you pointed, at respectively at wayback machine is his currently now deleted profile, where is also his real name, location city and links to another sites such as soundcloud, but all of them are also deleted, his name and city only points now to some page where his profile picture is *maybe* similar to your profile picture here, at least beard is similar smile so my question could be, you are Mystic Blare?

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Sorry probably not, maybe it was bad investigation, and my answer was maybe kind of joke, because i have seen many detective stories where murderer was also submitter of investigation at detective smile