I have recently started using LSDJ and have really enjoyed the program, as well as the vast amount of information available in the chiptunes community (including plenty of useful tips from this site!)

I plan to upgrade to either a hardware clone device, or alternatively an emulation device that can perform adequate sound emulation. I have mainly been looking at the GB Boy Colour, which is a Gameboy Color hardware clone with an IPS screen and working cartridge slot. Some people have talked about this device on the forum and I have heard mixed things, as some say that the hardware used cannot accurately mimic the pitch bends of the genuine consoles, while others say that issue only applies to the earlier model that looks like a GBA SP. If anyone knows more about this console, please let me know. It seems that it will probably cost around $40 for the system, as well as another $40-50 for a satisfactory flash card from BennVenn.

On the other hand, there are also a number of emulation handhelds like the Retroid Pocket 2 and the Anbernic RG280M/RG350M which support GB/GBC as well as a number of other systems. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any reviews of these devices for LSDJ use, and I am curious if anyone else has any experience with these handhelds or could vouch for sound quality.

And if anyone's wondering, I would like to eventually own a Pro-Sound + IPS backlit DMG-01 console, but all the parts I would need (including the Gameboy) or an already modded console is somewhat out of budget right now. One pro of the GB Boy Colour is that I would already own a flash cart when I do eventually upgrade.