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When I try to update the code of my arduinoboy (an old one from catskull) with arduino IDE, I have this error :

"PS2Keyboard.h: No such file or directory"

I installed the libraries relate to PS2 but it change nothing. I'm on linux so I placed the library in /home/me/snap/arduino on this folder I have 2 folders named : 41 and 50. I placed the PS2 library on both but nothing changed

I need to update arduinoboy code because times ago I replaced it with arduinoboy Lite code which had advantages. But now I have arduinoboy Lite and need again the normal code of arduinoboy


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France Eure Et Loire

I found how to resolve it :

- create a folder in the library and name it PS2Keyboard and place the the ps2 library files here. (I first placed it directly in library folder which didn't work).

- replace the line with include "utility/int_pins.h" in PS2Keyboard.h by include "int_pins.h"

- I had also to add a whitespace somewhere, arduino console explained where.

I don't know if I have to do these modifications because i'm on linux or not but if not I explained that to Catskull