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I'm having problems when trying to use lsdj midimap with dmg-01, it doesnt work or work for 1 or 2 seconds then stop.

With gameboy advance, it works perfectly, maybe because i use a black gamelink color/gba to color/gba :

which seems to work better than this one : ?

Do you have problems with these cables (like the green one)?

Or maybe my problem is because I have modded them (the ones like the green)? One of the 4 extremity is a minijack, for use analog sync (which works great with gbc/gba and dmg-01). The black gba/color cable I have isn't modded.

The midimap problem is present with the 2 modded cables I have which are like the green one.

Does this can also be caused because arduinoboy gamelink port is the one for color/gba ?

EDIT : after more tests it appears that it's not related to cables, these green cables work good if I use gameboy advance, but not dmg-01. But I don't think this dmg-01 unit have a problem because it can send midiout and do analog sync without any problems...

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