Hi all,

I used to frequent the board many years ago (2011-2013 ish) but stopped making music because of life getting in the way.

I've decided to try and get back into making stuff properly again but thought I'd post some technical death metal covers I did on my DMG last year during lockdown and see if I could get some pointers on where to improve?

- Culinary Hypersensitivity by Necrophagist: … ensitivity
- Radiatus Generis by Cytotoxin:

My technique is essentially transcribing MIDI into LSDJ chains and phrases with the help of a Python script I pulled together to handle cramming different time signatures and things like triplets into 16 note phrases.

I then record each channel separately and for the drums I'll put my DMG into half speed and record that and normal speed version. Then I just put them all together in Logic and make sure the levels are equal throughout.

Any feedback on the mastering of these covers and drum programming technique would be greatly appreciated.

Also interested to hear of any artists people think are working in a similar space so I can check them out.