I'm hoping there is an easy solution for this - I recently picked up a C64 and I'm happy to say it's in great, working and cosmetic condition. I picked up Mssiah, a MIDI-to-USB cable and even a small screen to navigate to MIDI mode when starting things up.

However, when I began adding parts into a composition that uses a NES and GB, I found that the pitch on the C64 is way off - like two or three full steps off. I can bend the pitch in my DAW to compensate but does anyone know if this is a hardware issue or an issue with how the Mssiah sends data to the SID? It's definitely possible that the Messiah doesn't send pitch data the same way as my other systems but it would be very weird if a 'C' note on the C64 isn't programmed to match true 'C' musically speaking.

I know a lot of people use the C64 on its own but does anyone who uses it in conjunction with any other systems (or instruments for that matter) have this issue? And if so, what is the fix? Do I need to dial in some settings in the Mssiah interface to correct this? I've heard that SID chips can go out of tune as they age but everything I've read suggests it's semitones, not multiple steps out of tune.


Not sure but could it be a PAL vs NTSC issue?

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I had the same issue with MSSIAH: … t-of-tune/