I'm having two separate issues with two of my DMG's that I cannot seem to find the cause of for the life of me!

The first is an issue with a DMG that has been heavily modded, but this has been a issue persistent with even the first mod I've done. I've installed HandHeld Legend's CleanAmp, a TRS 3.5mm and dual RCA jacks via prosound (both pre-pot), and a backlight and bivert modules. The screen started to get lines on it and crack and stutter and now it is almost always inverted whenever the thing is on. This was true even before I did the prosound or the clean amps mods, though it worked for a long while before the problem began. Where did I go wrong there? (I've also been using CleanJuice's rechargable battery, thought I'm not sure if that makes a difference.)

The second is an issue with another DMG that has almost no mods. All I did was a prosound with, again, dual RCA (pre-pot again). That's it. Lately, when I've turned it on, it has a terrible buzzing that will persist from when the thing powers up and it's present pre-and post- pot! I opened it up and re-soldered all the connections and after a few days of clean audio, the buzzing came back! I was thinking I may need to replace the power board, but if a reflow was enough to correct it, even briefly, maybe I did something else wrong?

Now, I have a third issue is not necessarily DMG-specific, but I figured I'd ask here rather than make another post and spam the board:
I'm trying to create a better workflow with LSDj but running it on bgb on my PC and then export save files of my songs but I cannot seem to get these save files to transfer. When I backup a .sav from my EZFlash Jr and boot it up on my PC, it opens just fine. When I open a .sav file that's imported from a BennVenn cart using my Joey Jr., it opens just fine. I just cannot seem to export anything back via SD card or direct flashing. I'd hate to have the process only work one way. I figured I could write on my PC and then be able to export it to my carts to make organizing them for live shows quick and easy. Where am I wrong here?

I'm still pretty new to all this, so I'm sorry for asking such simple questions, but I'd really appreciate more of the same love and inclusion I've gotten from this community so far. Thanks in advance!

Philadelphia, PA

I have modded very little and don't transfer SAVs with the same equipment, so these questions are too technical for me; just wanted to bump you and say that I hope you can get the answers you need!

Bratislava, Slovakia

Buzz is bad grounding or left and right cables are very near so there is some interference between them. They need to be properly isolated because space is only around 1 mm.

I usually take thin scissors and make clean spaces so there is no single hair on pcb.

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