I'm a complete noob when it comes to LSDJ and music in general so please, bear with me. I've been fiddling around with LSDJ for some time now and I understand how it generally works but I've been having trouble finding good resources for learning. While I'm able to make simple loops and recreate existing songs and beats with ease, I'm having trouble making it sound full, it always sounds kind of bland, so to speak. I've been trying to research into tables and effects but most tutorials on YouTube use older versions of LSDJ so the options they use when crafting instruments are either not there or sound different whenever I try them.

That said I'm looking for your tips, resources, tutorials and whatever you have that could help me learn more about LSDJ and guide me in the right direction to step up my music production game. How did you start? How did you progress?

Thanks in advance! smile


hop on a discord!


Thanks, I'll check those out!
Any discord server you'd recommend? Does this forum have a dedicated discord server?

not jophish anymore

here are some of my favorite best ways to learn lsdj (8.5.1+). note that these techniques are not guaranteed to work for earlier versions of lsdj, and under no circumstances should they be attempted on versions 4.6.3 - 6.0.8. that said, here are some of my favorite best ways to learn lsdj (8.5.1+)

* exploring the software
* using the gameboy
* learning the controls
* taking frequent breaks
* blowing on the cartridge
* and many more

these are just a few examples from my new book “best ways to learn lsdj (8.5.1+)”, the highly anticipated followup to my seminal classic, “lsdj: simulacra and simulation (8.5.0+)”, available now exclusively on amazon kindle or physically through amazon’s print-on-demand printing service.

make sure to be on the lookout for my upcoming work, “how to physically and emotionally isolate yourself from your peers and loved ones (lsdj) (8.5.2+)”

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Here's my complete guide based on newest development version which is packed with tons of features:

Works well regardless of how good you are with trackers!
I put entire half a year into making it as accessible and usable and long lasting as I could!