Philadelphia, PA

Hi everyone -

Proud to announce Chiptune Cares:  A Mixtape for Philly!  100% of the profits to Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, a great org here in Philly helping the larger community get tested and vaccinated.

The album is a "mixtape" in the true sense of the word - I asked artists to submit ANY track from their library (new, old, released, etc).  Over 20 artists submitted.  The result is awesome - a great mix of diverse tracks across chiptune's past, present, and future!

We have some goals set too for the charity work -

$1000 – I will pitch in an additional $200
50 paid sales – anonymous donor pitches in additional $100
75 paid sales – HangOnGetReady pitches in additional $100

At the moment, we are near $700 with 45 paid sales!  Even a $1 sale counts as a paid sale --- so every little bit counts.

Thanks everyone!

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