Hard to call this chip music anymore but I still think it's great. This is lpower experimenting with looped notification sounds, ringtones and field recordings. Lawrence is a fine artist based in Berlin for his day job and that sense definitely comes through on this EP

1. 160 BPM 02:46
2. Weird Times 01:32
3. Working On Site 01:48
4. Hoyerswerda 00:53
5. Quinte 00:45
6. Die Erde Dreht Sich Leise 00:32
7. December 15th Again 00:48
8. Upgrading 02:50

"Passages follows on from Disconnected in that it's a collection of short tracks made during 2022. I am continuing in the vein of minimal repetitions influenced by daily sounds and melodies, and samples from the various operating systems of the past 20 years (Mac and Windows, for example).

I am becoming more and more interested in the influence of ringtones or short jingles which we hear everyday. If you repeat them and expand on the basic notes, you can actually create a composition of sorts.

I also use a few field recordings here -- anything from a construction site to sound effects my son James made with his mouth (the swooshing sound in Quinte).

Disconnected was a description of my daily life during Covid and lockdowns with small children, and the fear of the future versus the cosiness of home life.

Passages is about finding a way out of the lockdowns we have all put ourselves into, whether these be mental or physical. It's about things being in motion, just like water can turn to ice or to gas. The passage from one state to another, so to speak.

For me, the tracks are about finding new perspectives and new horizons, and facing the uncertain future by embracing fears rather than running away from them." - lpower