Hi all, I think I reached a point in which I can finally release a software I've been working on, called XMXDS.

It is a .XM player for Nintendo DS inspired by PT-1210 for Amiga.
It supports XM files to up to 16 channels (currently no .MOD support, but you may use OpenMPT to convert your .MOD in .XM and it will work!)

Compared to Nitrotracker, this software is limited to playing back only (no composing) but handles easily the required functionalities to properly control your tune in a mix.

Best usage is with 2 NDS with a mixer in between!

Note: it will not work with emulators unless you include some xm files at compile time. I still haven't found a workaround for this. If I required, I could do a "demo" release with some XM embedded inside.

Feedback is appreciated!