Athens, GA

Hi y'all.

I am on mission to set up nice midi controls for MidiNES in Logic Pro. I've tried doing it in the midi environment, but I'm not really happy with the clunkiness of that setup. I've started exploring the Midi effect, Scripter, and it looks like a much better option.

As part of this process, I've managed to get nice vibrato using Logic's Midi Scripter. Yay! The bummer is that the built-in midi modulator in Logic is set up for 7-bit rather than 14-bit midi messages, so control over pitch bend is very coarse. With Scripter, I can finetune the pitch bend amounts and get really nice vibrato.

I'm currently in the middle of building scripter presets to control all the CC messages for the Pulse, Triangle, Noise, and DMC channels. Along with the built-in midiNES controls, I'm also planning to script some extra features (I realize that some of these non-vibrato controls can easily be implemented using the built-in modulator midi fx, so I don't know how crazy I'll get).

* Custom ASDR settings for vibrato depth (and speed?).
* Volume Tremelo (with Depth and Speed)
* Custom ASDR settings for volume (with option to retrigger on each NoteOn or only on first NoteOn)
* Hold option for Fine Tune Pitch (so new notes are automatically detuned)
* Menu with some nice instrument presets.

Come to think of it... it might be a nice idea to add sweep, constant oscillation between 2 values, and ASDR options to many of the parameters (like the DMC wave traveller or DMC pitch).

Anyway! If folks have any interest in this, please let me know. Suggestions/ideas are welcome.


Hi, this sounds amazing. I've been using the Scripter for Famimimidi in Logic Pro as well. I set up a script that comprises a randomize function and basic control of the MIDI parameters...I definitely have interest in this - keep me in the loop.

Athens, GA

Update: I've got a basic scripter setup for built in MidiNES functions. Some nice extras: options to "hold" certain features (like fine pitch bend and mod hack on) so they get retriggered with every new note rather than applying only to the currently playing note.

I'm working on building in oscillators (sine, triangle/saw, pulse (with duty)) to adjust certain parameters (especially pitchbend for nice vibrato) that can hopefully be mixed/averaged to get interesting wave forms. I'm learning to think in bits, which is fun.

Some kinks I need to work out: how to smoothly adjust rate of vibrato (without it sounding choppy)? I think I can solve this by calculating and saving the position along one cycle of the oscillation and applying a phase adjustment when changing vibrato speed (cycle length) so that the adjusted cycle picks up at the same amplitude where the old one left off? Let me know if anyone has a better idea for this!