los angeles

It's been years since we've had a cohesive chiptune scene in the greater LA area, and I would absolutely love to start putting together events. I'm connected with a few venues and DIY spots around the city and we're looking to host a show soon. I have a few friends helping out as a pseudo-collective, and maybe if we get some traction we can expand things into a regular series of events.

This is an open call to anyone who would like to perform. Any sort of chipmusic/hardware/electronic with an emphasis on 8-bit is welcome. We [blueberry] perform as a full band, and I do solo 1xLSDJ sets on my own as well. Send me your info & music here, or connect with us on instagram @blueberry_av and we'll get the wheels turning. Any requests for other musicians you might know are welcome as well.

I know y'all are still out there.

~ Doug
blueberry / little combat