There is a new expansion module coming out for the Atari 7800.

Plug-in Enhancement/Expansion unit for all NTSC/PAL/SECAM Atari 7800 Video Game console systems.

Adds the following:
Built in High Score keeping capability (compatible with approx 20 existing titles and any HSC coded games/programs in the future)
128K of Program Available Memory
POKEY audio/interfacing IC Chip for enhanced audio/voice synthesis and I/O Interfacing capabilities.
2nd Audio Processor for higher end Arcade sound effects and music
SIO (Serial I/O) Port for potential future use of Atari 8bit computer peripherals such as Disk Drives, Printers and Modems.
15 PIN Port for potential future use with a detachable computer keyboard.
Will come professionally boxed in original Silver styled "Atari XL" type box with extensive User Guide and Technical Data manuals.

Cartridge Port on top to allow all 2600/7800 cartridges to plug onto the unit to play games/programs. … cts_id=115 … on-module/

nice.. And I just was at a local used video game store today, and they had a 7800 there for $40 ... hmm.

Heheh, grab it! I've got one stashed away, along with the Atari joypads that came with the European models, which I really like for 7800 and 2600 gaming.

pics and comments by the creator: … expansion/

it looks very interesting/promising... it has a yamaha chip inside!

Who has one of these little beast? not sure if the shipping is started...

sounds coool.. but what does this ad over a xegs? the ability to play 2600 games?

Hmmmm.... wander it would hold up to being jumped around with.... ? ;-)  (do has 7800 too, currently pretty useless to me!)

ps. Does anyone know if the Harmony would be compatible with this?

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AFAIK Harmony would work.  But only with 2600 stuff, no 7800. ;(