finally I made my very first song for Falcon 030 (16Mhz, 4Mb RAM) in the Digital Home Studio editor.

10 channels (actually a bit too many for 16Mhz CPU, so it went to a bit lower quality in 14th position. Then I got it back to start and recorded all in the one quality, without any "clicks" while the quality-change appeares).

Work with the Home Digital Studio isn't bad however sometimes the program can be not very stable.
For standard Falcon owners - probably the most safe number of used channels would be max. 9.


Go away, newschool!

love the acid bassline.

Pulselooper: thx dude. smile

Akira, I thought it sounds like Amiga. wink Well - 2,5 Amigas. wink
Anywayz - that's why I put it here as another curiosity of Atari machines, and not to music section (which would be stupid of course). wink

All: Well, actually Akira gave me material to think of. What I mean is - loads of people make so-called "fake-bit" - music sounding like chiptunes but on modern machines (with huge source files).
By the way, I have nothing against such music, actually I pretty like it too.

So - technically such music (but made on Atari Falcon) would be fakebit too.
On the other hand, it would be made on really old and oldschool machine, released in 1992 (so older than tons of GameBoys wink ).
Then - would it be fakebit or not? wink

Anyway probably one day I will make some micromusic on Falcon too, heh. wink
(Then Akira will eat me smile ).

Who cares, Yerz, I was making a bad joke big_smile
Your music is cool regardless of platform. A lot of people rely on the platform they work on to have a novelty that "sets them apart"  from others, using it as the only gimmick that may make them "cool". On the other hand, there's few people, like you, who just simply make cool music, regardless of the platform they choose, and at many paths they cross with what "chipmusic"  is perceived as.

Keep it up!
(no point in discussing fakebit for hours big_smile In a broad definition, the real chiptune, protracker mods using small samples to replicate chip sounds, is fakebit too wink)

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hey this is good ! it's cool to make atari falcon music big_smile

can you use the psg ym/ chip that is in there along with the samples?
that would be good!

Akira: thx again. wink
I know it was a joke, I slowly start to recognize those new emoticons, like XD hehehe. (I know, I'm old wink ).
Also You're 100% right about the Amiga's chiptunes. smile

Ant1: Thanx, man.
Well, yes - Falcon also has AY, like ST (Japanese version of course, slightly different than ST/e but with no differences on sound). Sadly You can't mix it in real time with fully powerful samples-engines. Actually it's a pity, You're right.
Also, Falcon can make synthetic (chiptune-like too) sounds in the way like Akira described in relation to Amiga (in a way). 505 used to make music with it and AceTracker (thanx God that 505 didn't abandoned Falcon).

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AceTracker is supercool! My friends have Falcons and what Motorola 56k is capable to do is incredible. Beautiful softsynth sounds...