In the early demoscene there was a BBS-like system in England called Compunet.  It was very popular with the mid-'80s demoscene and games industry. Several legendary artists from that time regularly contributed (such as Rob Hubbard, Tony Crowther and Jeff Minter) as well as some of the great sceners making their first steps.  (such as Demon, The MIghty Bogg and Stoat & Tim)

A few of these early demos were interactive, a feature that sadly has been lost over the years.  I thought I'd post links to them here if anyone's looking for some cheap way to do visualizations on their c64.

Circlesque by Stoat & Tim:

Taurus 2 by Jeff Minter:

DNA also by Jeff:

Psych by Ubik:

Perhaps one day I'll chuck my demofx into one file and add some controls.

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You should try the Kawasaki Synthesizer and the other Kawasaki productions, they have visualization modes.

Jeff Minter made more visualization software for many platforms, namely Psychedelia (C64 and others), Colourspace (Atari 8-Bit and BBC) and Trip-a-Tron(Amiga and Atari ST). The guy is crazy about this stuff. He also made the VLM for Atari Jaguar CD, Nuon and others.

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Ohh nice post! Thanks!

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Damn, those interactive demos are very, very sweet.
Remember that the guys at XPLSV have basically taken their demoengine, added interaction to it and created a VJ tool, so it would be very possible  big_smile

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Many effects were controlled by joystick or key input, yet - the pure form of the examples above are not common anymore since a long time..
Tools like Sinus Plotter V2 are not the same thing.. yet come close smile There've been many of these tools. Don't have any on top of my mind atm, but i'll post them once they are.