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Here is another Amiga I have for sale. Its an A2500 with 16mb ram, and it runs flawlessly !!!  I made a short video showing the boot up sequence and audio playback. I guess I'm kinda into the amiga tracker scene.  It also contains a Great Valley Products A2000-040 REV 6 accelerator card.

You will get a complete system EXCEPT a monitor. It shall include A2500 w/ accelerator card, keyboard, mouse, and power cable. Everything works as far as I could test, even the floppy drive.

Overall, this computer is in excellent shape! The case fits nice, and has minimal scratches. The keyboard has some yellowing though.


Specs on accelerator card:
(taken from

G-Force 040
Great Valley Products A2000-040

    * Processor
    * 68040 @ 33 MHz

    * memory
    * four 64 pin SIMM sockets accept 64 MB RAM
    * supports only special 4 or 16 MB GVP SIMMs
    * SIMM sizes cannot be mixed
    * 040 burst mode requires all four sockets to be filled up
    * Kickstart remapping

    * SCSI 2 DMA controller
    * not Fast SCSI 2 - the same electronic as the GVP Series II controllers
    * no termination power is fed to the external SCSI connector - active termination must be used
    * 50 pin internal SCSI header
    * DB25 external connector
    * RDB compatible
    * supported by Linux and NetBSD

    * I/O
    * RS232 compatible 9 pin buffered serial port
          o 614140 bps max transfer speed
    * Centronics parallel port
          o selectable IBM / Amiga compatible mode

    * notes
    * 32 bit expansion bus for the EGS 110/24 graphics board



New York City

This is a cool machine, specially for AHX and Musicline.
I fully endorse it big_smile
It even has Kickstart remapping so you can switch to an older kickstart for compatibility with old soft, or keep a newer one (as it seems this machine has) for newer apps.


that thing is fuckin killer. if I had 400 flashback bucks I would be all over it!