Milan, Italy

k. I've bought an electribe ESX-1 (the red one) some weeks ago.
I just use it as drummachine and it is really a lot of fun for live shows.

So here my firsts songs.
I'd like to know if they sounds ok.  (the mixinig, the sound sound different palette "compatibility", the feelings in general..)



New York City

Ah, the magic of adding real drums to a Game Boy. This is why I never liked using it alone.
Nice experiments, keep it up! I like the 1st one a lot.

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Turku, FIN

Great machine that electribe of yours smile


You gots some nice sound there and I enjoyed the traxx, esp the 2nd one.

This chip distorted electrohousey house sound is getting a bit trendy these days smile

Hoxton, London UK

Is it an SD? I got myself one of those this month, had the EMX for a year and I've already had way more fun with the ESXSD. What are you using for a sync device if you don't mind me asking... I use the notabomb but am making an lsdjmc2 as a spare.

Nice song by the way. Are you also finding that it's difficult to bed all the sounds together coherently without an overall compressor or limiter? I'm stuck trying to figure out the effects chaining..

also, if you get bored look at this … ;face_id=1

Milan, Italy

mmh. i totally had no problem with mixing the tracks. For these recordings i've used a little 5channel behringer mixer with no EQ, no effects/outboard, and no post-precessing. ..and they sound ok, i guess.
I had maybe some problems with the internal ESX limiter.. it compress anything if i make some little mistakes with the internal volume gain mixer.
The included effects suck so much, i'm just using a little EQ on the samples. ..and for some more complex stuff i'm using 2 mini kaoss pad (one on the gameboy line and one on the esx one).
At the moment i'm not using any sync device, with this slow 130bpm stuff i don't need them.
Btw i'd use this electribe only for my livesets. For some more serious recordings i'd use renoise or some other pc software.

..and i'm using an old "smart-media" version since is impossible to find an SD-version on the second-hand market.
There are any differences??

Thank you all fothe feedback!
Here in Italy everyone is trying to become "big" with this electrohouse trend and i'm kinda surfing the wave to gain some ca$h 'n bitches, lol.
No seriously, i love electrohouse and im really having a lot of fun making it with this new toy. smile

Hoxton, London UK

aha, yeah the esx effects are kinda sucky!
anyway, I just finished my first tune using esx and lsdj,
I went drum&bass on it's ass!

▐▐▌▌▐▌▌█▐ ▐▐▌▌▐▌▌█▐ ▐▐▌▌▐▌▌█▐ crashed the flash player all three times i clicked the link.
has the mp3 url changed?

i enjoyed the 2nd song though.

on a non-related note,
did yew ever release your last album?
the ones w/ all the 666's on the cover?

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I really like electribe03.mp3. Would be cool if you build it up and add a second oscillator to the bass later on to make it sound phatter. At this point, you could bring the hi hats in.. blah, just suggestions. Those are great sounding samples btw! Can't wait to hear the final version.

Didn't really care for the other one as much as I thought the GB sounds weren't as well designed.

keep up the good work.

oklahoma city, oklahoma

both tracks are dope. i use an esx1 too with lsdj sometimes in my live rig.. email me, [email protected] i can send you some bad esx1 kits that are all genre specific.   the c64 one i have is pretty sick imo