I built another old school dos machine thing, and its ready to rock.


MiniTower case *NEW*
w/ power supply *NEW*
Pentium II 400 mhz
256mb of ram
6 gig hard drive
52x cd-rom drive *NEW*
Sound Blaster AWE32 with onboard ram.
MS-DOS 7.1 (I'll include the install disk that I made)
Keyboard *NEW*
Mouse *NEW*

I will include the monitor for no extra charge if the buyer is local! smile


Adlib Tracker II
Fast Tracker 2
Impulse Tracker
Nerd Tracker 2
Scream Tracker 3
Rad Tracker

I also put all the ST-XX sample disks on it as well as some other samples.

Games (adandonware):

Alien Carnage
Bio Menace
Beneath a Steel Sky
Electro Man

Graphics stuff:

Acid Warp

Every program/game is configured and set up to run at full potential. I went over everything, and its all good.

And I will be here to help the person who buys this with any questions/installs/upgrades too... Anytime you have questions, just email me!


I may be open to trades ....

email: [email protected]
AIM: OPL3geek


Amiga 2500, everything works great! Includes mouse and keyboard, but no monitor.
The case is not in the best cosmetic shape, and the keyboard is a little yellowed, but everything functions 100%.

It also has a set of RCA'S on the back, so you can run a video signal out of the yellow RCA into a tv to get by with for now, until you get an Amiga monitor.

Starup procedure/Digibooster test:

$160 + shipping. But I'd prefer not to ship this.

I may be open to trades ....

Email: [email protected]
AIM: OPL3geek

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