Stumbled upon it on reddit, but this video is too amazing not to share. Awesome music and the conversation at the end on finding the "human-ness" of electronic music totally pertains to so many chipmusic conversations.


You can chiptune on them if you want smile

the Cheap version :

or nearly the "real deal" … eb2011.pdf

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What a video!

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there is a video of him doing a demo of the fairlight on seseame street. its pretty baller. herbie is actually pretty legit.

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thanks for sharing smile

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Awesome vid, thanks for sharing! It certainly reinforces in my mind why Hancock is one of my favourite musicians.

The analogy of the instrument as a tool, reflecting the personality of the performer, is pretty apt. I think I prefer comparing instruments to clothing, though. Without any manufactured tools, we've still got our voices. And if that's all we had, you'd still be able to hear the difference between my singing (awful!) and, say, Rebecca Black (awfuler!). Instruments change our sound the way clothing changes our appearance. But Hancock wouldn't be any less of a musician if he played saxophone instead of the keys - he's still Herbie under his clothes.

Ugh, I'm philosophising. It must be late on a Sunday.

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Now thats what I call a get down!

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that jam that starts halfway through is sooo funky.