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Just want to clarify this before I go ahead and buy this off of Godinpants.
I killed my SID after trying the noise reduction mod drunk, silly me!
Can anyone tell me the pinouts of the video din socket solder side, and if I need to add a cap.
I've tried the method that Alpha documented and it didn't work (before it died), and read that connection pin 5 to ground (2) is a better option, but the info on MSSIAH forum is hazy.

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You probably already found this thread on the MSSIAH forum but anyway:

...not sure which mod you're talking about with "pin 5 to ground (2)" tho.

brighton, uk

Nah, I didn't find that but thanks for searching for me, I must have missed it.

The post I was referring to is … 59&p=2
Maybe it only applies to 6581 boards, I don't know.

'TRS is short for "tip, ring, sleeve" meaning three conductors, as you correctly assume. One is for the audio out signal, one is for the ground, and the third I'm guessing goes to audio in for the noise reduction. So I guess the ground is connected to the two other points. Please note I'm guessing here,, so wait for confirmation, but it sounds right.

You need a balanced, or "stereo" 1/4 jack. Not an unbalanced "mono".

As for soldering, it's easiest to solder to the bottom of the motherboard, at the points where the video port is soldered onto the board.

for the correct pins.

Trace the pins to the solder points at the bottom of the board and there you go. As for where on the 1/4 connector to solder these, I'm not sure. I used rca (phono) plugs for my mod.'

I just bought two 8580 sids so I will test it out when they arrive, but I wasn't connecting the audio out to the second pin on my trs socket.

I'm a very big electronics noob sad

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Basically no, but if you can find a way to jot down that 12V line to 9V, yes.
If you fried the SID connecting line in to ground, I dunno if you can make something more complex like this, heh!