Milwaukee, WI

Radiograffiti presents:

Dispyz - "Party's Over"

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1. Taking The City By Storm 4:02
2. Amiga Vs Gameboy 4:21
3. Disconnected From My Generation 5:03
4. Bad Feeling 5:07   
5. Police Chase 3:07
6. If Only Everyday Were Like Halloween 3:44
7. Interlude #1 (VIC 2004) 6:43
8. Gangsta Rock [50,000,000 DJs Are Dead Wrong Mix] 5:40
9. Bonus Beats #1 3:37
10. Deathride 4:54
11. For Melissa 6:24
12. Bonus Beats #2 3:13   
13. Partygameboydiscotrash 6:54
14. Interlude #2 (DMG 2000) 10:39
15. Bonus Beats #3 5:16
16. Untitled #1 3:55
17. Untitled #2 6:05
18. Untitled #3 5:15
19. Untitled #4 5:04

Dispyz is back from the grave, but don't get any funny ideas. It's only long enough to declare the party over.

Some of you old folks are familiar with the material presented here. Most of you probably couldn't care any less. Regardless of your position, it's an interesting history lesson in chipmusic's fringe sounds. If the Raverblood 7" represented the beginning of the dispyz project, and the Datarunner 7" represented the end, this material (along with last year's Dangerous Techno Punk Pop Rock re-release) would be the glue which holds it all together. This is not a complete songography by any means...look hard enough and you'll find a wealth of material floating around in various dark corners of the internet.

For the hardcore: you are covered if you expect to hear Ty's trademark 'Amigacore' style (Taking The City By Storm), although things are a little more interesting when he explores the roads less traveled - backward, opera-laden hip-hop (Untitled #2), noisy DMG experiments circa '99-'00 (Interlude #2 (DMG 2000), tape manipulations (Bonus Beats #3) and wait for it...MIDI Amigacore piano ballads (For Melissa). Yeah, you have to hear it to believe it. Hell, he even threw in what might be the first chipbreak song ever recorded for good measure (Amiga Vs Gameboy). Everything is nicely represented here.

Considering most of the original, distributed cassettes were long-gone by the mid-to-late 90's, it seemed to make a little sense to dig up some of the old tunes and capitalize on the recent Stagediver Blip announcement. Rumor has it there will also be an absolute, final dispyz show during Blip week, although this hasn't been confirmed (or denied).

At any rate, act like you know what xik knew all along when he named-dropped dispyz in his bio for Blip '06.


Milwaukee, WI

Oh, and the cover shots were snapped in Ty's old kitchen.


this is really cool shit dudes.

hardcore, Australia

Grabbed this during breakfast this morning. Will listen post-work.


Without a doubt, this is the dopest shit out.


Downloaded and listening.

New York City

Cool beans.

Los Angeles, CA

I will be listening to this for a long time to come.


This is so intense haha, loving it!


How does the catalogue numbering work? Alone In the dark has a catalogue number of RGV-007. This is a greater number than this release (003) and the code (RGW) is different.

hardcore, Australia

RGV would be for Vinyl, while RGW would be Web