Future, Towards the Edge of Forever

Now available on Bandcamp and iTunes (during actual day time tomorrow)

Available on 05.17.2011 as a 2xLP colored vinyl package exclusively from Insound. Colored vinyl is limited to 500 pieces.

Vinyl copies will include a digital download card that get you...
•Full quality WAV files of the entire album
•Photos from the recording session of this album
•An LSDJ .Sav / .Lsdsng file for the single, "Space"
•More TBA

We hope you enjoy it, thank you.


Cannot wait to have this vinyl in my hands.


Sex on toast.

Nullsleep wrote:

Cannot wait to have this vinyl in my hands.

I gladly bought the digital download just so I could have it before the vinyl gets here.

This shit is seriously. fucking. amazing.

holy fucks

dat album

I shed some tears :')

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Yes, please.

Album of the year.

The Lodge = Win for mastering. Good choice

btw. Nice job on the album. I enjoyed it.Considering the vinyl order

Here's the link to the US iTunes album page

This shit came out beautiful. Wait til y'all see the vinyl. It's perfect.