Yo! so I'm coming to Bl11p / Blipfest / Blippy and I was considering bringing my zoom h-1 recorder this year to save some rad live sets. Question, would it be legally / morally ok to record sets?
If yes, would any artists like to snatch a recording? let me know

So yeah... let me know what you think.
As always party hard and keep that shit 300


there have been some bootlegs posted on tctd of previous blips, i got asked if i wanted mine posted in 08
i'd love to hear some live recordings.


Just ask the artist before releasing it on the wild. But you could record every set and then let people ask you to send them the sets they want without releasing it publicly.

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yea the blip stream bootlegs may be partially posted, but its an artist by artist basis. You should do the same by asking artists before you post anything!