Needs busting big time.

Figured I'd make you guys aware of this.


Who are the original artists? Link us to the original music please.

I can't listen, but which songs did she stole?

Edit: sycamore was faster, but yeah, plz linkz d00d

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Also, it does say DJ in the first link you mentioned. Is there stolen material on her ReverbNation page? Can someone check that? - Her first track is Kola kid's spaceman with shitty vocals on top.

TREYFREY wrote: - Her first track is Kola kid's spaceman with shitty vocals on top.

Was just going to say that

.....Thank god this is true since It means I can most likely hear the real songs without her terrible, terrible vocals over them. … 3577078050 - Facebook page

The one from the first video. By me originally. … dio+Candy/

The second video.

On ReverbNaition songs are stolen from Kola Kid, Smiletron, Monster! Monster! and so on.

Even more steals: … 3577078050

I want that gameboy she has that apparently doesn't need a cart to make music.

Also, I'm pretty sure it's the same person people from 8bc were gonna "PIE IN THE FACE" a while back.

What a stupid fucking cunt.

I mean...she has a facebook page.  I brought it to her followers attention.  Maybe more of us should.  She doesnt have many...but at least itll put her in panic mode?

EDIT: However....I can't help feeling dirty after needing to "like" her page before I could comment......

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I've now messaged BBC Lincolnshire (where the Introducing show played her and bigged her up) to inform them to stop playing her music.

It seems shes been playing shows. :S

Hahahahaha! She left her phone number on her Facebook. Just called her up, she says "Hello?" I said "just curious if you'd heard of the artists Kola Kid, Smiletron and Monster! Monster!", she makes a shocked noise and hung up.

She can be seen pressing play on her fucking ipod on the first video, for fuck's sake. GB has no cartridge. People are fucking, fucking stupid for buying in this shit.