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Was in the shop the other day and spotted one of these:

Wondering whether anyone has used these for a quick solution of mixing two gameboys together, for example two nanoloops or LSDJ's?

This item looks very useful if someone travels a lot or someone like me who leaves their university equipment at their accommodation for summer. Seen these priced as little as £5-£10.

Anyone know whether these are good enough to use for this purpose?

Anything that's bad about this product or better solution?


I think that they are meant for splitting, so unless you want to short the inputs it's probably no good (a passive mixer should have some resistors to prevent short circuit)... But I think that you can get away with it!

EDIT: Turns out that they are indeed intended for mxing. Should work just fine with a small quality loss and lower total volume.

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I have one, and the only real problem is the drop in volume for each Game Boy you plug in.

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I just made one myself. There's a tutorial on the internet somewhere, you only really need it for resistor values though. It's sweet, and cheaper (as long as you don't buy from Maplin!)

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yeah, anything that goes audio in can go audio out too, as long as the connectors fit (you can use a pair of headphones as a microphone, for example).

byt yeah, when you use one of those to mix, it seems to split up max volume between how many things are input to it. i had the same problem with a simple belkin 2->1 8'th inch