I've been working on a SEGA Master System MIDI Interface (SMSM).

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please feel free to join the SMSM Google Announcement Group here:

Please don't ask for a release date for this project - don't worry, it's in the pipeline.


The other day, I added a number of features to the Sega Master System MIDI Interface (SMSM).

For the YM2413 FM chip, the interface now has:

• More accurate pitch calculation
• Support for tunings other than 12-TET, from 4-TET to about 18-TET
• Support for different tunings of concert A, from 377Hz to 504Hz (in intervals of 2 - 4 Hz).
• Support for user-defined pitch bend ranges, from +/- 1 semitones to +/- 12 semitones
• Support for user-defined transposition