I wouldn't pay $500 for this, but it looks like it would be fun as a live tool.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Game-Boy-Advance- … 913wt_1141

Hello everyone!
We at the Toy and Television Games Co are proudly introducing our flagship launch product, the very first Game Boy Advance Arcade Tabletop.

(serial # GAT2011-001)

This is the first unit we've built for sale. Two prototype models + 300 hours of work and research produced what you see here.

It is very sturdy and beautiful, built with Acacia wood and American steel. A brand new Black body shell and viewing glass with no scratches or marks. This is the AGS-101 model with a two-stage backlight, the display is very solid and bright.

Here, form follows function. This machine is all business, there is nothing here that is not needed. Built from scratch with heavy-duty materials, arcade joystick and buttons, designed for extended play and use. It fits perfectly on your lap or coffee table. The unit is perfectly balanced, very light and portable.

The original action buttons have been removed and plated over; the Start, Select, and Light buttons remain in place and function normally. (The Game Boy is permanently fixed in place and cannot be removed.)

99% of Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and Original B&W games run perfectly with the joystick and four-button layout. (The incompatible 1% would be oddball titles like Kirby Tilt & Tumble, etc.) Virtually all classic arcade games have made their way to the Game Boy line over the years. The full Nintendo catalog plays wonderfully, whether Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Tetris, Street Fighter, you name it.

Fun Features:

-Up to 3 Game Boys can be linked to this machine for head-to-head or team play!

-Combine a Gamecube and GBA Player to play this on your television!

-Watch movies or play Arcade ROMS with a Game Boy flash cartridge!

To celebrate, a pocket amplifier and a boxed imported copy of Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival is attached as a bonus!

The battery life is approx 8 - 10 hours per charge.

A simple instruction sheet will be included, with a photograph, signature & date for authenticity.

We hope to build hundreds of these over the coming years, it all begins here!

(The color Black is a metaphor, the birth of a new universe.)

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fuck that, i would build you something better for half the price

loooool so ghey

I think it's awesome. Just outrageously priced, and I really don't believe the thing about 300+ hours.

Would be cooler if it was universal and not hardwired in. That could get tricky, though.

yeah, it looks really nice. i like the wood finish a ton.

but $500? no way.

also, lol at - "(The color Black is a metaphor, the birth of a new universe.)"

I thought the obnoxiously large lumpy things with the buttons and joystick attached were speakers, but it makes no mention of that so I guess not :c

I really dont like the form factor - the tiny Gameboy stuck on a plank, between two round things with controls mounted. It would be fairly cool to use with a Gameboy player admittedly - but even then...

Kinda cool idea, but poor execution